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Kiki's Delivery by Karlina101
Kiki's Delivery
Hello my fanchildren! 

Ok so this piece is my latest, and as I say with every other piece-it's my best so far! I really can't decide what do with the piece of land I have here....originally I wanted to do a little town but I'm not too sure-what do you otaku's think? I've really gotten into Miyazaki recently and I've always loved Kiki! 

So guys what do you think? Any opinion is helpful!
Merlin's Rest by Karlina101
Merlin's Rest
Hello my fanchildren!

I had this idea awhile back, about what if merlin needed to be put to sleep because some form of battle druids were going to capture him for his power? I couldn't help but come up with a bit of a snow white scene with Arthur and Gwen setting Merlin down in a lake in the isle of the Blest or something. 

I had a lot of fun with the project, and it was a wonderful challenge to learn how to paint candle flames! Tell me what you like about this or what you think I could have done better-heck even talk about the wonderful show itself! 

Let me hear from ya my fan army!
Totoro's Flight by Karlina101
Totoro's Flight
Hello my fanchildren!

So this is an adaption the wonderful totoro that we all know and love-and love we do!  My fav part of this project was DEFINITELY coloring the umbrella and Totoro himself.

So what do you guys think? What do you like about this piece or what do you think could have been better? What did you like about Totoro himself in the movie! Come on let me hear from ya!

Speak to me fan army!

Rain fell over her head as she knelt; on the ground so steady, so cold.  Her eyes were closed, her head was bent and shoulders hunched as she stayed in the middle of the cobbled country road.  She opened her eyes and looked at the soaking luggage and road before her, her clenched fists on her knees.  She stared at the golden charms on her wrist; her friendly ghosts that smiled with their shining smile at her even now in the darkest hour.  Their sapphire and ruby eyes looked back at her and assured her of their survival, their everlasting light.  She smiled back grimly, and spoke a simple term: “Well my friends, it appears we are left again.  We have no food, no resources and there is no home for miles. We are at a loss.” To which they replied; “No worries, there is no rainbow without rain. The sun will rise after every night, we will be fine.” She looked up at the sky, letting the rain fall on her face, as she closed her eyes again. “Then let the rain fall for us.”


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United States
i am a born artist and i totally am going to become a engineer someday

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